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New Healthy Offer-of-the-Week: Save 20% on tomatoes!

New Healthy Offer-of-the-Week!
Save 20% on tomatoes!

Discover junk-free snacks and help fight childhood hunger in America

Discover junk-free snacks and help fight childhood hunger in America


-Get 16–20 all-natural or organic snacks a month
-Cancel anytime: there are no cancellation fees
-Gluten-free option available

SAVE 40% on your initial order!


Save 20% on corn

This week save 20% on corn!

Save money with ‘NO Clip No Print Coupons’ service

SAVE MORE! At the Grocery Store or Online

Shop like an insider at the grocery store with SavingStar eCoupons. Shopping with SavingStar is easy. Coupons and rewards are linked to the store loyalty cards you already use—no strings, no paperwork, and no coupons to clip or print. Simply shop your favorite brands at over 24,000 grocery stores nationwide.

Most asked questions about SavingStar:

What is SavingStar?

SavingStar is the smart and simple way to save on your groceries and online shopping. Our grocery offers are fully digital with nothing to clip or print. The SavingStar Cash Back Mall allows you to earn cash back into your SavingStar account when you shop at hundreds of online stores. SavingStar has over 5 million members and was founded in 2011.

How do I use SavingStar Offers?

SavingStar is a paperless way of saving with offers at the grocery stores where you shop every day. Depending on the store, offers link to your existing grocery and drug store loyalty cards or you can submit receipts for your purchases. Here’s how it works:

Join SavingStar for free. Choose the stores where you shop. For some stores you’ll register your grocery and drugstore loyalty cards on SavingStar, (for example, your CVS ExtraCare card, your Stop & Shop card, etc.) and for other stores you’ll need to save your receipts from purchases. Then, click the offers you want and we’ll link them to all of your registered store cards. Your savings are automatically added to your

SavingStar account within 2-14 days depending on when the store sends us the purchase data. (Note: the savings are not given at checkout in the store and they are not printed on your receipt).

Once your accumulated savings in your SavingStar account reach $5, you can pick your payout from a deposit into your bank or PayPal account or a donation to American Forests. It’s that easy!

When and how will I know that I’ve received my savings?

All savings will be posted to your SavingStar account within 2-22 days, allowing you to track exactly how much you’ve saved over time. We’ll also send you an email to alert you when your savings post.

Which stores participate in SavingStar?

Over 60,000 stores participate in SavingStar, representing over 100 retail chains. Click here to see a list of retailers. If your favorite store is not listed as a participating retailer, please let them know that you would like them to join SavingStar!

Does it cost any money to sign-up or to save money with SavingStar?

SavingStar is FREE to use.

We will never send you a bill for using SavingStar and we do not charge your credit card – and we never ask for your credit card number

(Please note if your account is inactive for 12 months in a row, we assess a $1.99 monthly fee only against savings in your SavingStar account. However, it is easy to keep your account active! To be considered active you must only do one of the following once per year: activate an offer, redeem an offer or pick a payout.).

What options are available as payouts from my SavingStar account and how do I get them?

When you accumulate $5 worth of savings you will be able to pick what type of payout you want. You can cash out to a bank account, PayPal account, Upromise account, Starbucks gift code, iTunes gift code, or AMC Theatres gift code. Payouts occur within 24-48 hours of being requested. If you have already requested a gift code, you can retrieve it in your account under the Payouts section. You can also donate your earnings to American Forests. back to top

Does SavingStar offer iPhone® or Android® apps?

Yes! These apps make it easier to redeem offers at any Receipt-Scan Stores. Click here for the SavingStar iPhone app and click here for the SavingStar Android app. These apps also allow you to choose offers while on the go – including while you are shopping – and also help you remember which offers you activated online.

Below are some videos to help get you acquainted with how SavingStar works. Also go here to peruse the SavingStar “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)” section.

Just scroll to the bottom left corner of site for FAQ link. Click here


How Does SavingStar Coupons Work?

How to Use Saving Star Coupons to Save Money!

How to Save Money With The New SavingStar App

25 new coupon savings offers for May 2016

We’re starting off the month with a bang! Here are the new offers…

Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Purex® plus Clorox 2® Liquid Detergent (65oz or larger).
Save $3.00 on ANY ONE (1) Advil® Allergy Sinus, Advil® Allergy & Congestion Relief, Advil® Cold & Sinus, or Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain.
Save $3.00 on ANY ONE (1) Advil® Easy Open Arthritis Cap 160ct or 200ct.
Save $1.00 on any TWO (2) Purex® Liquid Detergent.
Save $1.00 on ANY (1) Centrum® Multivitamin.
Save $1.00 on ANY ONE (1) Advil®, Advil® Migraine, Advil® PM, Children’s/Infants’ Advil®, or ThermaCare® product.
Save $1.00 on ANY ONE (1) Preparation H® product.
Save $2.00 on ANY ONE (1) Nexium® 24HR product.
Save 50¢ when you buy ONE (1) BOX Honey Nut Cheerios® OR Honey Nut Cheerios® Medley Crunch™ cereal.
Save $1.00 when you buy TWO (2) any flavor/variety Muir Glen™ products.
Save $1.00 when you buy FOUR (4) PACKAGES any flavor/variety Totino’s™ Crisp Crust Party Pizza™.
Save 50¢ when you buy TWO (2) BOXES any 5 count or larger Nature Valley™ Granola Bars.
Save 50¢ when you buy TWO (2) any variety Betty Crocker™ Suddenly Salad™.
Save $1.00 when you buy THREE (3) PACKAGES Old El Paso™ products (excludes Old El Paso™ refrigerated and produce products).
Save 50¢ when you buy ONE (1) CAN any Old El Paso™ Chiles, Refried Beans or Enchilada Sauce.
Save 75¢ when you buy any ONE (1) BOX Cookie Crisp® cereal.
Save 75¢ when you buy THREE (3) PACKAGES 17.4 OZ OR LARGER any flavor Totino’s™ Pizza Rolls™ OR Totino’s™ Blasted Crust Rolls™.
Save 75¢ when you buy ONE (1) PACKAGE any Cascadian Farm™ Frozen Vegetables, Fruit OR Potatoes.
Save 50¢ when you buy TWO (2) BOXES any flavor Fiber One™ Chewy Bars, Fiber One™ 90 Calorie Products (Bars, Brownies, Cakes), Fiber One™ Protein Chewy Bars, Fiber One™ Streusel Bars, Fiber One™ Cheesecake Bars OR Fiber One™ Cookies.
Save 50¢ when you buy TWO (2) BOXES any flavor/variety Betty Crocker™ Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot™, Fruit Gushers™ or Fruit Roll-Ups™ Fruit Flavored Snacks, Game Up™ Sports Chews, Mott’s® Fruit Flavored Snacks, Sunkist® Fruit Flavored Snacks
Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Dove® Beauty Bar product (4-bar pack or larger).
Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Dove® Body Wash product (22 oz. or larger).
Save 35¢ on any ONE (1) Country Crock® Spread (45 oz.).
Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Dove® Women’s Advanced Care Antiperspirant Deodorant product.
Save $3.00 on any TWO (2) Dove® Hair Care products.

More Coupon Savings here

Make Homemade Meals Easier with Gatheredtable

Make Homemade Meals Easier with Gatheredtable

Customized weekly meal plans, grocery lists, and optional grocery delivery

Recipes for Every Taste and Diet

We curate, test and perfect recipes from all over, recommending you the very best recipes that match your preferences.

Gatheredtable makes life easier by answering the question, “what’s for dinner?” We provide customers with all the tools they need to easily plan, shop for, and prepare homemade dinners.

Customers tell us their diet, food avoidances, daily time constraints and how many times a week they want to cook. We then provide customers with a totally custom meal plan, full of our personally curated and tested recipes.

Helpful How-tos

You don’t have to meal plan alone! Gatheredtable has lots of resources to help you out in the kitchen and the grocery store.

But it doesn’t stop there!

The meal plans are editable, so you can tweak them however you like. You can also clip in your favorite recipes from the web, or type in your family favorites, and we’ll automatically incorporate them into the menus.

We’re sure you’ll like the grocery list best! The list updates across all platforms so you’re always ready to go. It’s very well organized to make grocery shopping faster than you ever thought possible.

Our goal is to save users time, money, and stress through meal planning.

How Gatheredtable Works

FREE eBook: Couponing Behind The Scenes: I Think My Dog Ate My Coupons

FREE eBook: Couponing Behind The Scenes: I Think My Dog Ate My Coupons

Couponing is a great way to save money!

The book, “Couponing Behind The Scenes: I Think My Dog Ate My Coupons“, demonstrates in a highly entertaining way, the impact of couponing on the life of one woman. It follows a suburban housewife’s transformation from being an impulsive shopper, to becoming an efficient penny wise couponer.


Here are some more recommended titles of interest:

Never Pay Full Price! Financially Free By Couponing: 'How to save over $1000 a year by learning how to coupon like a professional'
How to Receive Free Groceries - Kindle Edition
Coupon Millionaire: How to Save Money and Make Money with the Art of Couponing

How to Receive Free Groceries Kindle Edition



Freebie – Ortega Seasoning

Freebie – Ortega Seasoning

Save 100% when you buy ONE (1) 1.25 oz. packet of Ortega® Taco Seasoning.


SavingStar, Inc. Save on groceries with no clipping and no printing today

More FREE Coupons

More FREE Coupons – Cash Back On Your Groceries And Online Shopping using SavingStar FREE Coupons.

Nothing to clip! Nothing to print!


Save money with no clip, no print coupons service

Online Service “Plans” Meals For You

Anyone who eats food is a meal planner… in some form. You may fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and plan tonight’s 6:00 family dinner at 5:45, which may result in a “fun” and “spontaneous” trip to the drive-through, but at some point you have to make a decision about what you and your family are going to eat, which may be a bowl of cereal, which is not a good meal plan.

We would often have a refrigerator that was completely empty, or it was full of food we couldn’t use. We hated grocery shopping because we would buy what we didn’t need while forgetting the things we did. Our “fun” and “spontaneous” meal plans, which actually lacked any form of a plan, landed us at restaurants more than we wanted.

Our bank account suffered because eating out is expensive. Our health suffered because what we were eating was not good for us.

Fortunately, I was introduced to what can be done with a good Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eatmeal planner. Here is what I found:

Plan to Eat is an online menu planner that uses your recipes, scheduled for the days you want them. It automatically makes your grocery list, organized the way you like to shop, using the recipes you’ve selected. Plan to Eat makes it easier to eat real food, prepared at home, with your family gathered around your own table.

*excerpt taken from

Watch this “See How It Works” video:



Here are some common FAQs about the service…

How Plan to Eat Works

The Plan to Eat online recipe organizer, meal planner, and grocery shopping list maker was built to give you the tools you need to eat great food, at home, with your household gathered around your table. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about how a subscription with Plan to Eat works:

How much does it cost?

It’s $4.95/month or $39/year. We do not ask for credit card information before starting a 30 day trial. Unless you prefer automatic payments, we do not automatically bill you when your yearly subscription expires. We do not want to “trick” you into paying us because you forgot to cancel.

What happens when my subscription runs out?

We do not remove any accounts, but instead suspend it so you can renew at any point.

Umm… Can I get my money back?

We offer a no-questions-asked refund policy. We do not automatically bill you when your yearly subscription expires. If you aren’t going to use your subscription we don’t want you to pay for it.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat